Your Instant Gift-Giving Solution for Last-Minute Shoppers + Get a Jumpstart on 2019


Christmas is upon us and guaranteed shipping may not be a viable option for those shoppers who have waited until the very last moment. Here are a few ideas for last minute shoppers.

Digital Gift Cards for Last-Minute Shoppers

Promoting digital gift cards is great for partners who want to capture last minute shoppers. Plus, we have them for a host of different retailers and categories.


Your Secret Weapon to Max Potential Revenue in 2019

Our Partner Success Hub is your home-base for your partnership with eBay.

We'll provide everything you need to keep your business optimized for maximum revenue potential. From new technology developments to daily deals, retail moments to plan for and handy resources, consider the portal your team’s upper hand. Check out the Partner Success Hub.


Get to Know Our Tools

Promoting eBay is a cinch once you get familiar with all the helpful tools we have to offer.

  • Grab customizable, dynamic banners and know which items are commissionable with our Smart Suite

  • Build trackable links in a snap that connect to your EPN account with our link building tools

  • Find the perfect assets to display on your site with our Creative Generator

  • Pull listings into your site in real-time without any heavy lifting with our Item Feeds


Now that you’ve gotten a brief intro into all the EPN tips and tools, you can jumpstart your 2019 earnings potential. Start today!

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