Adobe DMP Integration

Once integrated, eBay shares a treasure trove of useful data. How many Uber Loyal eBay customers are in your audience? Are most of your community new to eBay, earning you New or Reactivated Buyer (NORB) bonuses? This data helps you tailor your approach to your audience to maximize conversions.  Where do folk head on eBay after visiting your site? Are they fashion-focused, deal hunters, or gearheads? Know the destination pages that attract your audience.

Adobe DMP Overview

  • DMP stands for Data Management Platform. Adobe Audience Manager (eBay’s DMP) contains a vast array of eBay user segments, from category specific segments, to active buyer segments, or site action segments (ie people who bought items in the past 24 hours). By connecting with our DMP, you can receive these segments to customize your site experience for certain users or target users in outbound marketing channels.
  • Ideal for partners that have some sort of outbound marketing (paid social, paid search, email marketing) or can customize site experiences per user
  • Partners that already use Krux (Salesforce), LiveRamp, or Lotame DMPs or Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) can easily receive eBay segments into their own DMPs or Adserver! Partners with a different DMP or no DMP can create a server-to-server connection to Adobe Audience Manager for free. The process takes on average 2-5 weeks.  Step by step Adobe DMP server-to-server integration detail available here.


Email us or ask your Partner Manager for how to partner with us to integrate your site!