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Fuel Your Business with Real-Time Audience Data from eBay & Adobe

Our integration with Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) arms you with a powerful data management platform (DMP) populated with exclusive eBay customer data that you can't get anywhere else. Based on eBay browsing behavior, shopping patterns and more, eBay's niche audience segments- or custom audiences per your request- are at your fingertips and ready to convert.

Adobe DMP brings you eBay's insights.

Multiply Commissions by Dynamically Targeting Niche eBay Shopper Segments in Real Time.

Ideal for partners that have some sort of outbound marketing (paid social, paid search, email marketing) or can customize site experiences per user, DMP data can help eBay partners increase revenue by targeting attractive audience segments by behaviors, such as purchase frequency, category enthusiasm, device preference, and more, or request a custom segment to reach your specific campaign goals.

How Adobe DMP Delivers the Data Directly to You:

  1. First, eBay captures robust, behavioral shopping and purchase data for all its customers on eBay sites.

  2. Next, eBay works with partners like yourself to define attactive audience segments. For example, people who have shopped for but not purchased an item in 30 days.

  3. Then, eBay shares with AAMreal-time customer lists defined by these segments.

  4. Adobe matched these lists with its own database and shares them with you instantly.

The process to integrate takes on average 9 weeks.  Step by step Adobe DMP server-to-server integration detail available here.

Email us or ask your Partner Manager for how to integrate with our exclusive audience segments today.