Reports available

eBay Partner Network provides a number of different reports which allow you to track and evaluate your account's performance. You can use these reports to answer key performance questions including, but not limited to: which ads and campaigns are generating the most revenue?  Which ones are earning the most based on clicks? and Which item categories are performing best? Some reports, display information directly within the EPN portal while other, more detailed reports, can be downloaded. Our reports include the following options:

  • Run Report: Used to generate Performance Reports

  • Mobile Landing Report: Used to generate a report that looks at clicks based on whether they came from desktop, a mobile app, or the mobile web

  • Download Reports: Used to download the Transaction Download Report (TDR) or Earnings Per Click (EPC) Report

In-Portal Reports: The Performance Report and Mobile Landing Page Report, appear directly in the portal. They are easy to create and export in table format and are most often used for a high-level view of key performance indicators (KPIs) within your account. They can be customized using various filters to display full account overview, data across various timeframes, or segmented performance by campaign, category, program or more. 

Downloadable Reports: The Transaction Download Report (TDR) or the Earnings Per Click (EPC) report are detailed reports for download. These reports give you a granular view of your account's performance and are most often used to get a detailed understanding of performance in order to refine optimization strategies. For example, the TDR provides information about the clicks that led to transactions and transaction details down to the date and time of click, the item(s) purchased, and more.

Use reports to gain insights

What should you be looking for? And how can you figure out what to do next based on what you’re seeing? Here are our tips on questions you should ask relating to performance, and which reports to use to answer them. Answering these questions will give you an idea of what to keep and what to change to improve conversion and increase commission.  

Ask yourself these questions to help identify what's working:

  • Are certain types of ads generating the most earnings?

  • Are certain types of items you promote generating the most earnings?

  • Are you generating more earnings from certain placements on your site or from ads tied to strategies you’ve used to generate traffic?

  • Can you repeat or expand on what’s working?

  • Are there certain items that sell the best?

  • Are there certain times of day that clicks are more likely to lead to transactions?

Ask yourself these questions to understand what isn't working and why:

  • Are certain ads and campaigns generating a lot of clicks but not converting into transactions? If so, are you promoting the right kind of item for your audience?

  • Are the ads landing on the right page on eBay?

  • Are your ads not generating any clicks at all? If not, where are they placed on your site or in your social stream?

How to generate a report

You can run your Performance Report in a lot of different ways. Which one you choose depends on what questions you're looking to answer about your performance, such as "what were my earnings by month for the last three months" or "which product categories generate the most revenue for me" and much more.

Using the EPN portal to generate a report is easy. To get started, follow the steps below or view our Quick Start Guides:

  1. Visit

  2. Select "Reports" in the top navigation of the EPN Portal

  3. Select the desired report type

  4. Customize to meet your needs