Does the eBay API provide EPN tracking links?

How can I retrieve listings that match a specific EAN/GTIN?

We aren’t experiencing many results from our API calls. What can we do?

  • A lack of results can be caused by several factors. Check the validity of your input parameters.

    • Are keywords spelled correctly?

    • Are category_ids valid?

    • Does the GTIN exist?

    • Is the EPID correct?

  • Please note that although any combination of input parameters is allowed, they must still be valid when combined.

  • How restrictive have you set your optional filters? Try to loosen them if possible. Here are some examples of filters that might cause few or no results:

    • ItemStartDate

    • Price

    • ExcludeCategoryIDs

    • MaxDeliveryCost

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How can we increase our call limit?

How can we use the EPIDs with the API?

Should I use the new or existing APIs?

  • eBay’s latest APIs are designed to align with industry best practices. They use modern API standards, such as OAuth 2.0 for authentication, JSON payloads, and restful design principles. Therefore, it is recommended that partners integrate with eBay’s new set of APIs.

  • Note that the new set of APIs still need to catch up with the legacy APIs in terms of available features and options. As we continue to roll these out, we’ll send you updates.

Can I retrieve international eBay listings?

Can I create transactions for international listings with the help of an Order API?

  • Currently, only domestic transactions can be created via the Order API. A transaction is considered domestic when the buyer and the eBay seller are located in the same country.

How do I identify the eBay marketplace from which I want my API to pull?

  • The marketplace can be identified with the help of a conditionally mandatory request header called X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID.

  • By defining the marketplace, all results will be returned as they appear on the corresponding website. This affects the language as well as the currency and availability.

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Is there a way to retrieve big chunks of available listings all at once?

  • The Feed API is designed to provide a daily snapshot of newly listed items for every high level category. The Feed API covers new listings with a 48-hour delay.

  • EPN also offers access to csv/tsv formatted feeds that can be retrieved programmatically via an independent endpoint. These feeds cover new listings with a 24-hour delay.

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Can I request performance data of my EPN account via API?

  • Currently, your EPN performance data is available through, via an independent endpoint provided by the EPN platform, and with the EPN Reporting API via the Post method.

  • Use this post script to retrieve our Reporting API data for your program:



pt={2} —> 2 = Download All Events. pt=1 is Download Earnings Only

tx_fmt={0} —> 0 = text, 1 = text with headers, 2 = Excel



advIdProgIdCombo={} —> if left blank, defaults to All Programs. Otherwise, use 1|{PROGRAMID} e.g., for US 1|1 for DE, 1|11