Buy API / Guest Checkout

Keep your Audience Active: Your visitors buy from eBay without every leaving your site!

Buy API Overview

  • The Buy APIs allow users to search for, select, and buy eBay items, all without leaving your own site.
  •  Ideal for partners that… (describe the types of partners best fit for it) are interested in building a complete shopping experience on their site.

  • The process for production access will be as follows:
  1. Obtain EPN approval for Buy API: Fill out an application here and provide all the necessary documentation We will review it within 10 business days.
  2. Schedule kick-off call with  eBay Developer team: Our developer team can walk through your diagram and provide recommendations/consult if you have any open questions. Please be prepared to walk through a data flow diagram and your mocks of the user experience.
  3. Sign and agree to eBay Buy API Contract: If approved by EPN, we will send you the eBay Buy API contract to sign for access to the Buy APIs. Please fully read the minimum requirements:
  4. Sign and agree to PayPal Contract, implement PayPal Risk Library: If vetted and approved by PayPal, PayPal will send you a contract to sign for access to their risk libraries. PCI compliance is required and there may be additional PayPal risk provisions and safeguards for your application and the API flow. You may also be required to sign Mutual Non-disclosure Agreements (MNDAs) depending upon your business model.
  5. Obtain eBay Developers Network approval for Buy APIs: After you test and build mocks/user flow diagrams in sandbox, your next step will be to contact the Developers Network to request approval to access the Buy APIs in production. We will require an app check with our developer team to ensure that you are successful in setting up the Buy APIs. Once the app key is pushed to production, please schedule an expected timeline for launch.
  • Potential outcomes for partners (increased conversion rates, increased confidence vs competitors, etc) Allow users to purchase inventory at the time of inspiration, increasing the chance a visitor will purchase an item.

Seize the Opportunity!

We are excited to learn how you will build amazing new buying  experiences leveraging our Buy APIs.

  • These APIs are available to explore in sandbox today for  anyone who has an eBay Developer’s account

  • If you aren’t an eBay Developer yet, click here to join now

  • Then, make sure you meet meet these requirements to  integrate with eBay’s Buy APIs

  • Ready to get started? Let’s do this! Complete the web form  and instructions on this page

After we receive your completed application, we will review it  and respond within 10 business days.