Thank you!

We have received your application. You will receive an email that includes your Case Number, which you can use for reference.

Please respond directly to that email and attach the following:

  • Certificate of Attestation for PCI Compliance. Alternatively, we have partnered with Braintree to vault credit card information. If you would like to utilize Braintree, you will still be required to be PCI Compliant.
  • Mock-ups of the user experience with screenshots at each stage in the checkout flow. Please call out which API calls you are using at each state.
  • Data flow diagram of every API call you plan to implement into your application. Please explain what API capabilities are being called, the entities that are calling each API and the sequence in which they are being called.

After we receive your completed application, we will review it and respond within 10 business days.

You will be required to gain additional approval from the Developers Network Team in order to productionalize this API call. Meeting the standard eligibility is not a guarantee that production access will be granted.

For further information about EPN’s policies, please read our Network Agreement.

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