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Your Official Guide to eBay Holiday 2018

Your buyers are researching and hunting for gifts. As they gear up for the holidays and grow excited for family time, you can be the one to make their lives easier with the best deals on the best gifts for 2018.

In this playbook, we have everything you need to achieve maximum revenue potential, from coupons and deals to Toytopia, our digital hub of this season’s predicted best sellers, the official eBay Toy Book, trending item data and creatives that you can use to capture more eyes and more clicks this season.

What’s more: No need to wait on emails with downloadable pdfs for every campaign update. eBay Marketing moves fast, and now you can, too. We’ll continue to update this page with information as it’s made available so that you can rest assured you have every resource available to finish 2018 with a strong holiday season.

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Coupons Designed for Conversion

To earn on eBay Holiday 2018 coupons, simply point your traffic to the landing page(s) with the coupon code(s) provided below.


Monday, October 15, 2018 at 8:00am PT - Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 11:59am PT



Parts & Accessories

$100 off $400+ on Tires & Wheels



What’s Trending on eBay Right Now?

Ready-to-Use Ads, Images & Logos

To keep your campaigns fresh with the newest creatives straight out of eBay Marketing, Browse the available downloadable images from our Creatives Gallery. Once you find an image you’d like to use, right click and select “Save as…” to download to your computer. When you upload it to your site, email template, social media or other channel, be sure to hyperlink it with your personalized tracking link. To create one easily outside of the portal, try our Smart Share Chrome extension.