Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for eBay Partner Network

First, thanks to everyone for the helpful feedback and questions since launch! A few questions keep coming up, so we thought it would be helpful to re-capture our answers here so that they’re easily accessible to everyone. As we continue to get more feedback on eBay Partner Network, we’ll update the list (and Help).

More detailed help is available in User Manual within the “Help” section of eBay Partner Network (login is required), but the FAQs below should give folks a good start and address any questions/confusion. Thanks again for the feedback and for supporting eBay Partner Network! When do I have to change all my tracking to migrate to eBay Partner Network by, and how do I do it?

So that all of your commissions are paid appropriately through Commission Junction and eBay, please change your links to the new eBay Partner Network link structure by April 30th. All Commission Junction links will still be tracked through April, and even if the action (ACRU within 30 days, winning bid within 7 days) occurs within the appropriate timeframe in May, you’ll still receive your commission through the Commission Junction platform.

However, migrating early in April will ensure (a) you reach the highest tiers for the month, and (b) you receive as much of the additional 5% bonus for all traffic driven through eBay Partner Network in April. Yep, that’s 5% more in April 2008 from, eBay US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, India and Spain. So the sooner you migrate, the more you’ll earn!

If you have some more questions, here’s a quick migration guide to help you through the process:

What payments are supported by eBay Partner Network?

eBay Partner Network offers both PayPal and Direct Deposit.

PayPal is currently offered in all countries, and PayPal accounts are free and easy to open! Please note that no premier / business account or cross border fees will be applied to any PayPal payments, so you’ll receive the same amount as a direct deposit payment. This information is currently incorrect in our help pages, and will be corrected shortly. Sorry for any confusion.

Direct Deposit is currently offered in the following countries (and currencies): Australia (AUD), Austria (Euro), Belgium (Euro), Canada (CAD), France (Euro), Germany(Euro), Italy (Euro), Netherlands (Euro), Spain (Euro), United Kingdom (GBP) and United States (USD).

How does eBay determine application acceptances/rejections?

eBay Partner Network (and each eBay Advertiser) may use different sets of rules to accept affiliates. In some cases, these rules may differ from Commission Junction. This means that we may not be accepting publishers previously accepted - and in other cases, we are now accepting publishers who were not previously accepted. If you were recently rejected and previously belonged to the eBay affiliate program with Commision Junction, please contact us and provide your PID information so we can further investigate. The eBay Partner Network team and Advertisers are constantly evaluating the rules, and appreciate your feedback.

What are the equivalents of CJ terms (PID, SID) in eBay Partner Network, and most relevant for migration?

The most important eBay Partner Network identifiers for migration are the Campaign ID and the Custom ID. For those migrating from Commission Junction,

Commission Junction’s PID is similar to eBay Partner Network’s campid (Campaign ID) Commission Junction’s SID is simliar to eBay Partner Network’s customid (Custom ID)

When are reports updated, or when will clicks/transactions post?

Affiliates can expect to see clicks and impressions posted to the interface within approximately 4 hours of when the clicks and actions occur. Actions (i.e., winning bids, ACRUs) will be posted by midnight the following day, but may be available earlier. Please note that eBay Partner Network is based on Pacific Daylight Time.

Why does it appear that transaction download reports and summary reports have slight discrepancies?

While Summary Reports are based on transaction dates, please note that Transaction Download reports are based on posting dates to ensure that transaction reports downloaded are final. Transactions are typically posted 1 day after the transaction date, but advertisers have the ability to post corrections with the same transaction date on a different posting date.

Also, note that when aggregating programs, Summary Reports will only report on four metrics: Impressions, Clicks, Earnings and EPC. As advertisers may pay out on different metrics, these are the only common metrics publishers can use to compare activity and earnings across programs.

How do I migrate to eBay Partner Network if I’m currently using Editor’s Kit?

The best way to ensure Editor Kits work appropriately on your site(s) with eBay Partner Network is to implement them with eBay Partner Network as the provider. Just go to the Tools tab upon signing into your publisher interface, navigate to “widgets”, and then select Editor Kit. You will need to sign in with an eBay username and password. Select the program and all the dimensions/sizes/etc, that best suit your widget needs. Click Continue and proceed to the “Preview Your Sniplet” page. Just copy the sniplet code from the Sniplet Source box and you’re ready to go.

IMPORTANT: Remember, under Tracking Services in the Create your Editor Kit page, select eBay Partner Network as the provider, and enter your Campaign ID to ensure your links work appropriately.

For more information, please see the section under Editor Kit in the tools section of the User Manual in help (note that you must be logged in to eBay Partner Network to access the User Manual).

What’s the best way to make sure your link structures are correct?

We recommend that all publishers follow these steps to ensure correct links and tracking for eBay Partner Network.

  • Use the Link Generator. This is found on the Tools Tab in the publisher interface.
  • Make sure you have a valid Campaign ID! To create a campaign ID, just go to the Campaigns Tab, and create a campaign.
  • Implement and test the links. Simply do this by clicking on the link(s) and checking your publisher report for clicks after 4 hours. Remember that ACRUs and revenue events will not show up in your account reports until midnight PST of the following day.

For more information please see “Tools” in the User Manual in the Help section of eBay Partner Network (you must be logged in to eBay Partner Network to access the user manual).

Where can I get more information, and/or give tips and suggestions?

To get more information, publishers can access any of the following resources:

Migration Resource

Video Tutorial

Discussion Boards

To provide the eBay Partner Network team with tips and/or feedback, go to:

Let’s Brainstorm Future Enhancements for eBay Partner Network Thread (Discussion Board)