Migration deadline extended until May 31st

We wanted to thank all our affiliates for your effort in switching your links to the eBay Partner Network. We're off to a great start and we are happy to report that in the three weeks since launch, more than two thirds of our affiliates' traffic has already moved over to the new system.

Several of you have asked for a bit more time in migrating your links. Because we know there are some special circumstances that may require this, we have arranged to extend the migration deadline until May 31st. This will apply to Half.com and all eBay countries migrating EXCEPT Belgium, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Singapore, which will still expire on April 30th).

Note that because of our contractual obligations, as of May 31st, you will no longer be able to receive any commissions through Commission Junction. This will include commissions from clicks in May that convert into purchases or ACRUs in June. So please switch all your links as soon as possible to eBay Partner Network to ensure you receive all your commissions and begin to enjoy all the new benefits of global registration, new creatives, and better reporting on the new eBay Partner Network.

If you have any questions about migration, please check out our help section, where you can also find links in each help topic to reach our customer service group. You can also find more info in our getting started post, our migration guide, and our FAQs.

We really value your support and look forward to a long continued partnership together!