Issues being addressed on eBay Partner Network - Updated 22 May - eBay to Go

*Updated 22 May 2008 - Credit issue, eBay To Go launched on eBay Partner Network in US Nobody’s perfect! We are hard at work enhancing our new platform.

In order to keep you up to date, we want to let you know about a few known issues with the platform that we’ll be working to address over the next few weeks. As additional issues are identified, we will keep this list as current as we can.

  • eBay To Go is now live in the eBay Partner Network (US only for now). You can find it in the "tools" tab under "widgets" along with Editor Kit and the RSS feed generator.
  • *To be fixed by end of May* As many of you know, the four eBay programs paying on revenue share may reverse revenue for certain transactions (for instance because of credits given to the seller, returns, or unpaid items). Because of currency conversion rate fluctuations, you may see reversals for a few transactions that are slightly greater than the revenue they generated – so the total revenue for that transaction is a negative amount, instead of zero. The team is already working on fix that should be able to roll out soon. As most adjustments come within a few days of the original transaction, this has been a small issue in most cases, and only affects publishers earning commissions in currencies other than US Dollars. We will post a make good for those of you who have been affected negatively by this.
  • *Fixed but please note* Our Customer Support system experienced issues on Tuesday, 4/22 and Wednesday, 4/23. If you submitted a question on those days, our system might not have logged it. Please resubmit your inquiry to ensure a prompt follow up. No issues with the customer support system have been reported since then.
  • *Fixed* Due to encoding issues, a small subset of publishers may encounter problems confirming their registration and resetting passwords. We will send publishers an updated activation e-mail which you can use if you have had issues with this.
  • *Fixed* The RSS Feed Generator is currently requiring a Custom ID to function properly. Please include a Custom ID, which is any string up to 256 alphanumeric characters, when creating your RSS feeds.
  • *Fixed* Several pages within the Publisher interface may load slowly on low bandwidth internet connections due to their large page size. These pages include the Link Generator, Creatives Generator and Reporting Pages.
  • *Fixed* Currently, messages to Customer Support over 4000 characters or with special characters will not send. A max 4000 character limit will be set to ensure proper functionality - but in the interim please be sure to keep your messages under his length.
  • *Fixed* Tool ID for Trading API:
    • Some calls on the Trading API are returning a Tool ID of 0 when constructing eBay Partner Network tracked links. All metrics will be reported correctly for all Programs and Campaigns. A Tool ID of 0 will impact your “By Tool” Summary Report creating an “Unknown Tool” bucket
    • Custom ID creates null value: When no value is put in for the Custom ID during an API call, the URL returned adds the value customid=null. Transactions in the transaction download files will have a custom ID value of “null” attributed to them.
  • *Fixed* On the dashboard the default time period is 'Last Month' - please select 'Month to Date' to see the most recent data.
  • *Fixed* On April 1st and 2nd, our summary reports displayed Canadian earnings that were a few percents off. Please note that the Transaction Download report was not impacted. The April payout will not be impacted.
  • *Fixed* A subset of our publisher base was affected by a reporting issue which resulted in duplicate records being posted to the transaction detail reports during several days this month. The issue has been resolved, and transaction data from 4/1 thru 4/24 were reprocessed and posted on Friday, 4/25. Previously posted records were deleted in the process. In order to retrieve transaction detail records for the affected time period, you will need to filter your transaction download report for posting date 4/25/08. Please note that this issue only impacted transaction detail reporting; summary reporting and earnings tracking were not impacted and all commissions will be paid correctly for the month.

This is not a comprehensive list, but these are some of the bigger ones we’ve identified so far. If you find any other issues, check on our help pages. If you still believe there is an issue you would like to call out, you can contact customer service directly from each topic in the help section.

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding!