Sellers and Merchants as Affiliates

While many of you reading this blog are already familiar with the new eBay Partner Network, we wanted to remind you that with eBay’s new in-house platform, for most of our programs eBay sellers can be affiliates, too – which of course means sellers and merchants can earn extra money by driving traffic to their own listings as well as other listings on eBay. How can you maximize revenues as an affiliate and a seller? There are two main ways.

First, there are probably few better experts than you about the things you are selling. Other people may find that knowledge to be extremely helpful and interesting. Consider publishing some of this knowledge and getting it out there. You can create your own website, start a blog, or create stories and content on sites like and You can set up affiliate links to your eBay listings and get paid for driving traffic to eBay, even if the user eventually buys something other than your products on eBay.

Second, consider putting links to eBay products in your off-eBay store. Now I know what you’re thinking – why on Earth would I send my hard-earned traffic on my store back to eBay? Some of our affiliates have found that they can use eBay links to offer increased product selection in their online store and make money from window shoppers. For example, the eBay Partner Networks’ Editor Kit displays real-time listings available on eBay. So, if you have a store that sells only high definition TVs, you can use Editor Kit to show your customers home theater sound systems and other accessories like cables. You can cross-sell and up-sell your customers with products you may not carry yourself by including eBay links on your search results pages, check-out pages and/or confirmation e-mails.

To get started, simply become a member of eBay Partner Network. Check out our getting started videos.

Once you’re signed up, promotion is still key. Here are a few tips and best practices on how to promote as a seller:

  1. When creating your own content about products you sell, give that content as much visibility as possible. If you’re creating your own website or blog, follow best practices for search engine optimization to give it the best chance to get picked up by search engines. There are many books on this, or check out this link that has a collection of SEO resources:
  2. When putting affiliate links on your store, use the Editor Kit to pick items that are closely related to the items on your store
  3. To maximize revenue from visits to your store: test and see what combinations of offering your products plus complementary eBay products leads to the highest overall conversions, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

These are just a few ideas for getting started. Let your imagination be your guide, and remember to test, test, test!