Makegood for ACRU tracking issue

Hi all, As we mentioned on the discussion boards, we’ve identified an issue affecting the way ACRUs were being attributed to affiliates. When we switched to the eBay Partner Network a small issue was introduced where in certain circumstances ACRUs were not credited to the right affiliate.  Many but not all of our affiliates were affected.  This issue happened only when the user confirmed registration on one day, but did not activate via a bid or BIN until the next day or later.  Please note that this affected ACRU counts on the eBay Partner Network from launch until a fix was put in place on June 15th. 

Making sure you get paid the correct amount for the traffic you drive to eBay is really important to us, so if you were affected by this, we’ll be issuing you with a lump sum makegood in your July payment.  You’ll also be able to see the makegood in the Payment History section of the Account tab in the eBay Partner Network interface.

To calculate the makegood amount, we actually had the data to identify how many ACRUs were not originally correctly assigned to each individual affiliate and we totalled the missing ACRUs for every month since registration on the eBay Partner Network up to June 14th.  We then looked to see if this made any difference to the tier reached and finally, we added in the 5% April migration bonus, if applicable.  This was repeated for all countries where the affiliate drove traffic and you will receive separate makegood payments for each program.