Our New Link Validator Tool is Here!

You spoke, we listened. With our new Tool Validator, we’ve created an easy way to make sure that the code generated by eBay Partner Network’s tools are working correctly on your website by looking for potential link errors. Tool Validator Screenshot

So how does it work? Well, the Tool Validator searches a given web page, and finds URLs created by our tools. The validation checks to make sure that the tool’s variables are in the correct format so that they are working as expected

Currently, the tools that can be verified are the Link Generator, Creatives Generator, Editor Kit and the RSS Feed Generator.

The Tool Validator currently checks for:

Campaign ID Tool ID Rotation ID (Creatives Generator only)

Please note that the tool only checks the format of the IDs.  You will still need to verify that each ID corresponds to your own valid accounts and campaigns.   Additionally, the base URL for each link is also checked to make sure it is accurate for that specific tool, and that the URL is encoded properly.

To begin using the tool to validate your links, click on the Tool Validator link on the bottom right hand corner of the tools page. Then, enter the URL of the page you want to scan for tool links, and click Submit

When the scan is complete, a report appears will all the tools for the defined URL, including information on how many tools passed or failed the test, and the reasons for the failures if applicable.

There is a known bug for Tool Validator, and and it currently reports a base URL error for Editor Kit in our Tool Validator Report, despite it being correct in your links. We are currently working on a fix for this, and it will be implemented on September 10. As always, we appreciate your on-going efforts to verify your links, and appreciate your patience!

Ready to use it? Before you do, please check out our other blog post, Mistakes when Building new Links, to learn more about the dos and don’t of building links and ensuring your code is accurate.

Happy Building! We hope this new tool will help you feel more confident while using our tools and building links.