Changes to the eBay site in September

As you may have seen already if you’re an eBay buyer or seller as well as an affiliate, we’ve made some changes to the, and sites in September to keep buyers coming back to eBay time and time again.  The changes vary by country, but in summary, we are making it easier to list fixed items on eBay by reducing the up front costs and shifting the costs to the back end final value fees, which are only paid if you're successful in selling an item.

Although, the changes are designed to increase the number of products on the site and therefore provide more choice for the buyers that you drive to eBay, we don’t expect this to have any immediate impact on any of your metrics.

Find out more on the changes in the US, in the UK and Germany.

US – 16th September

UK – 25th September

DE - 25th September (in German only)