DevCon Update

This year’s DevCon took place in Chicago, where we announced the launch of the new Merchandising API and the Research API and the UK affiliate team talked about monetizing applications. APIs

The merchandising API gives you access to popular and great value products on eBay.  Available calls include getDeals, which you can use to find items below the average selling prices, and also getTopSellingProducts and getMostWatchedItems.  Find out more.    The Research API, which is powered by DataUnison, gives you access to historical data about eBay listings and you can get up to 1,000 calls a month for free. The API provides 30 days of historical pricing by keyword.  Find out more.     Monetizing your Application    At a very well attended session (especially for 9am the day after the Beer Bash!) the UK’s Jonathan Gabbai and Cian Weeresinghe talked about how to monetize applications. 

Here’s a summary of their key points:

• To make money, eBay users have to need your application.  Ensure that your application either solves a user problem (e.g. searching for items in your area) or does something that eBay itself doesn’t offer (e.g. surface misspelled listings that are likely to have fewer bids) • You need to choose the right monetization method for your application.  If your product is downloadable, you could charge a subscription and if your application is web based you can monetize through onsite advertising or through the eBay Partner Network when you drive a transaction on eBay. • Marketing your application. Find the best free levers - PR, blogging, natural search and cross-promotion. If you do have to pay for traffic, monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. • Once people are using your application, monitor its performance. See how many people are signing up, cancelling, buying on partner sites or look at the advertising revenue you are earning. Measure how well your application is monetizing on a daily basis and understand any issues in the flow from visit to payable event.   See the full presentation