New Value Based Pricing for eBay US Program

As you may have heard, we’re in the process of implementing a new pricing structure for Active Confirmed Registered User (ACRU) compensation. The new value-based pricing scheme is based on quality, instead of just volume, and will reward affiliates for the amount of quality traffic they drive to eBay advertiser websites. The new value-based pricing system is part of our ongoing effort to reward our best marketing partners and promote trusted commerce on eBay. Initially only new publishers, that is publishers that join eBay Partner Network on or after August 1st, will placed in the new system for the US program.

All existing publishers will remain in the old pricing system until November 1st, at which point all publishers in the US program will be placed in the value based pricing system.  We are phasing this change for existing publishers so they can have time to look at the data and see how the change will affect them.

Here’s how it will work.  Each publisher will be placed in a quality tier at the end of each month based on that month’s and historical traffic.  The tiers will range from $1 to $50, and the higher the expected lifetime value of the customers a publisher sends, the higher the tier the publisher will receive.  We expect that most affiliates with a history of driving good, consistent traffic won’t see a lot of variability from month to month.

Publishers that join after August 1st will be able to see what tier they fall in by going to the programs tab and selecting payments structure for the US program.  This tier will be updated on the 9th of each month and will reflect the score for the previous month.  The tier will be 0 for the first month while we calculate your first score.  Note that your ACRU earnings in your reports will reflect this tier.

If you joined before August 1st, you will continue to see the same volume-based tiers for now.  In September we will release a new separate report that will allow all publishers to break down, by campaign, the quality of the ACRUs you are driving to eBay.  We will send more details about this report in a few weeks.

Please note that this change only affects compensation for new user registrations (ACRUs).  Payouts for revenue share will continue on the same volume-based tiers for both new and old users.  While the current change only affects the US eBay program on eBay Partner Network, we are evaluating this system on a country by country basis and will provide additional updates as they become available.

For more details on how the new pricing structure will work in the US, please log into eBay Partner Network and visit the eBay US terms and conditions in the “Programs” tab on eBay Partner Network.  There are also FAQs in the Help section of eBay Partner Network and in the user guide in the advertisers and programs tab under “value-based pricing”.

We are excited about this change as it will allow us to match payouts to the value of users and ensure we pay out our best affiliates the highest amounts.  We appreciate your continued commitment and service to eBay and your patience during this transition, which will help us continue to maintain a great experience for all of the eBay Community.