Announcing New eBay Partner Network Release on Sept 10th, 2008

We are working hard to continue to improve the eBay Partner Network platform and are excited to announce our newest release, which will go live Sept 10th.  Some of the most consistent feedback we have been getting from you has been in the area of reporting.  You have given us many tips and suggestions about how we could expand the functionality in this section to help you better and more easily track your traffic’s performance on eBay. In this release, we have focused on improving this area of the platform.  We will be:

  • Introducing a new tab, “Run Reports”, that consolidates all your reports into one, easier to use create flow.
  • Introducing saved and scheduled reports to let you more quickly get the information you use most.
  • Adding new fields to the transaction download report that will help you see what category and country the transaction corresponded to.
  • Providing a transaction ID to help track each transaction and all the credits/debits associated with it.  We are also giving you the ability to receive non-paid transactions in the download report.

In addition, we announced on August 1st that we are moving to Value Based Pricing for ACRUs for the US program.  The September 10th release will include a new report: the “Campaign Quality Report”, which will give an indication of the quality of your new active confirmed registered users (ACRUs) all the way down to a campaign level.  Although publishers that joined the US program prior to Aug 1st will not be placed on ACRU-based tiers until Nov 1st, this report will allow you to begin to see what tier you would have been in for August.  The report will update every 2 weeks.

Note that none of these features will require you to change any links or the way you work with eBay Partner Network.  Existing users of our transaction download API should take note of our changes to the transaction download reports and update their scripts appropriately.  These changes were outlined in our board post on Aug 19th.

Finally, we are also working on a new campaign report that will let you see what categories your traffic is converting in.  Please note, however, that this report will not be available until October 15th.

Please read on for a more detailed overview of the newest program features:

Run Reports We have introduced a new Run Reports tab, which consolidates all your report types into one, easier to use, create flow. You will now be able to select the report that you want, and also have the option of saving or scheduling these reports, which can then be managed within the My Reports Tab.

Saved & Scheduled Reports (In the My Reports Tab) You will now have the ability to save and schedule all reports within a new My Reports Tab. With this new functionality, publishers will be to create and monitor saved and scheduled reports more efficiently.

For Saved Reports, you can now save a report template in the interface, or create historical records of saved reports when a custom date range is chosen. You will also be able to save up to 25 report templates or historical reports in the interface, and these will all be available in the My Reports Tab.  Additionally, there will also be a link to your top Saved Reports on the publisher dashboard, so that you can get easy access to these reports.

For Scheduled Reports, you can now save reporting templates, and have these reports delivered to you via email on a weekly or monthly basis. Publishers will be able to save up to 10 scheduled reports, and the last 5 historical reports for each report will also be available. To view this functionality, please use the My Reports tab.

Configurable Non-Paid Transactions in Transaction Download Publishers will now have the ability to see non paid transactions in the Transaction Download with the ability to select “All Events” in the Transaction Download report.  Note that the default will continue to be for the report to show paid transactions as it does today. With this new feature, you will have more visibility into each specific transaction, which will in turn help you determine how to best optimize their efforts. To view this new functionality, please see the Transaction Download report for further details.

Additional Flex Fields in Transaction Download Three new flex fields will be added to the Transaction Download report to support additional reporting metrics.  These 3 new flex fields include the Item Site ID, the Meta Category ID and a Unique Transaction ID (for revenue share only). With these new additions, publishers will get deeper insight to the effectiveness of their campaigns.  More information is included in our August 19th blog post.

Campaign Quality Report Per our board post on Aug 1st, the US program went to value based pricing for ACRUs for new affiliates that joined the program on or after Aug 1st.    Although affiliates that joined the US program prior to Aug 1st won’t be placed on value-based tiers until Nov 1st, all affiliates will have access to the new Campaign Quality Report, which will be part of the September 10th release and will have data for August available by the following day.

This report will give an indication of the quality of ACRU traffic at the campaign level and allow affiliates to assess and improve the overall quality of their traffic by eliminating inferior campaigns and promoting superior ones. The report displays a qualitative quality ranking for each of your campaigns as well as for overall traffic.

Please note that only US program ACRUs have quality scores at this time.  Also, please note that scores at a campaign level should only be considered directional and may not average to total publisher-level score (which represents the payments tier you would be placed in).  This is because we take history and other factors into account when calculating publisher-level score that are not applied at a campaign level.  To use the report, log in click on the reporting tab and select reporting “by campaign quality.”

We hope you find these new features useful,

The eBay Partner Network Team