Campaign Quality Score Report Information

As you know, we released a new Campaign Quality Score Report as part of the newest Sept 10th release of the eBay Partner Network.  The report is only available for the US, and only affects ACRUs (a glitch at launch of the report meant you could select countries other than US and metrics other than ACRUs – but this will be addressed shortly – we apologize if this has created any confusion). For those of you who have not yet gotten a chance to run the report – it’s easy to do following these steps:

1. Log into your account and click on the Reports Tab 2. Select Report Type: By Campaign Quality 3. Period 8/31 4. Program: US 5. Actions: ACRU

At the very top of the report, under “Total”, you will see the total overall quality score for all of your traffic.  This is the score that will be used to calculate your ACRU payout for the US program.  This score will be applied to all the ACRUs in your account (i.e. the score is applied at a publisher level, not at a campaign level).  The tiers translate into ACRU payment as follows:

  • Very High = $50 / ACRU
  • High = $40 / ACRU
  • Medium = $28 / ACRU
  • Low = $10 / ACRU
  • Very Low = $1 / ACRU

As a reminder, these new tiers will not go into effect until November 1st for publishers that joined eBay Partner Network before August 1st.  This score is only informational until then so you can begin to see how quality-based pricing will affect you.  All publishers that joined the platform after August 1st are automatically put in these tiers, and if you are in this latter group, you can review them in the “Payment Structure” link in the Programs Tab for the US. 

Below the “Total” line, you can see individual quality scores for the campaigns in your program.  This can allow you to analyze which of your sites or methods are generating the highest quality ACRUs and make adjustments accordingly to maximize your total score.  You are only able to see campaign-level quality scores for campaigns with >5 ACRUs in the time period (campaigns with less than 5 ACRUs will show “Not enough data”). 

Please note a few final things:

  • Campaign level data is estimated and may not match the payout tier for your overall account.  This is because your account-level tier is calculated using historical and other account-level factors not applied to campaign-level data
  • Quality score is not based on volume, ie. Higher volume does not mean a higher quality score
  • We’ll continue to update these quality reports every two weeks with updated scores, and they will allow you to be able see performance over time

You can find more information about this report in the user manual under Reports->Summary Reporting->By Campaign Quality.

eBay Partner Network Team