Squidoo Helps Its Lensmasters Make Money with Their Passions and the eBay Partner Network

Every now and then, we like to share an affiliate success story to help inspire and offer ideas to other affiliates. We are planning on creating a series on this topic featuring new publishers each month.  This week we spoke to Squidoo, to learn more about how they’re using the eBay Partner Network.   Squidoo is a hand-built collection of about 600,000 web pages created by people with passions. Each page is called a lens and can be about anything a person is interested in. The idea behind Squidoo is to provide a place where people can research and meet other people online that have similar passions. Anyone can create a lens, and they can use the lens to earn money for themselves and for charity through ads and affiliate links. 

Squidoo has quickly become one of the top 300 most popular websites in the U.S. and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and for its users, or “lensmasters,” as they are called. Creating a page is free, and lensmasters can decide how much of their income they would like to donate to charity. Squidoo automatically sends 5% of all proceeds to charity, keeps 45% to run the company and lets the lensmaster decide what to do with the other 50% - keep it or donate a portion to a favorite cause.   Squidoo says there are thousands of eBay sellers creating lenses to help drive traffic to their listings, and that eBay sellers say it is one of the most effective methods of increasing their sales. Some lensmasters drive traffic to their own listings while others simply drive traffic to eBay to increase their affiliate earnings on Squidoo. The eBay Partner Network gives Squidoo lensmasters an effective way to spice up their lenses with photos and real-time links to eBay listings, while also bringing in extra income. Lensmasters can use eBay Partner Network’s advanced creatives to customize the listings displayed on his or her lens.

“eBay is one of the largest contributors to the revenue stream for Squidoo users,” said Megan Casey, editor-in-chief at Squidoo. “eBay listings are easy to find and post, productive and profitable. The new internal platform went in place without a hitch, and Squidoo and our hundreds of thousands of users are happily using it every day.”

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