Category Summary Report Coming October 22nd

We are excited to release our new Category Summary Report on Wednesday the 22nd, and would like to share some of what you can expect to see.  The new report will be available in the Run Reports section where you’ll be given the product categories the buyers you send to eBay end up converting in.  This information is viewable by program and even down to the campaign level.  You can expect to see total ACRUs, Bid/Bins, Winning Bids, and Winning Bid Revenue displayed in your choice of either pie or bar chart options, to help you better visualize your performance.  Then to see even more granularity you’ll have the ability to drill down from the main categories to see sub categories down to the third level for exceptional insight into the buying patterns of your users. Screenshot (click to zoom in):

We want to highlight one specific topic, but to learn more about the Category Summary Report, please go the Help section for further details.

What is the Other Category? The items that are listed under the ‘Other’ bucket are based on the availability of items that were originally listed from another eBay Site, but were purchased via the program site you are active in.

For example, Seller XYZ posts a Beanie Baby on and lists the item as being available for buyers on other sites. A buyer clicks on one of your links and is forwarded to the eBay US site, and searches for ‘Beanie Baby.’ They then land on the results of the listing from Seller XYZ and they purchase the item. Because this item was originally listed on eBay UK, but purchased on eBay US, it will appear under the reports for the eBay US program and will fall into the ‘Other’ bucket.  This category usually represents a very small percentage of transactions for most publishers.

We hope you find this report helpful.

The eBay Partner Network Team