Change of Payment Structure for the Affiliate Program on the 1st of November 2008!

The eBay France affiliate team is very happy to inform you that as of the 1st of November 2008, the payment structure of the French affiliate program will change in order to help you earn more! Up to now, the affiliate program has mostly rewarded the recruitment of new registered users. As of the 1st of November, we want to compensate you more for the activity of the 12 million registered users we have already!

This is why, on top of the new ACRU compensation, the affiliate program will be tying your earnings per bid and BIN to the revenue we get for the sold item and the share you receive will vary from 40% to 65%. This model has already allowed affiliates to increase their income in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Details on the Revenue Share Payout structure (or “Rev’Share”)

The revenue used to calculate your commission is made up of the seller fees (listing fees and final value fees) earned by eBay after a winning bid or Buy-it-Now that has been generated by traffic that you have driven to

Basically, this means that when you generate sales on and receives €100 of revenue from these sales, you will be paid between €40 and €65, depending on the total monthly revenue generated by your account.

On top of an exceptional payout on revenue, the affiliate program will continue to reward you for New Active Users based on a new payout structure (see detailed structure below).

The Payout structure:

A couple of examples :

  • If you generate 100 New Active Confirmed Registered Users and €8,000 of eBay revenue in any given month, you will therefore receive compensation of (€15*100)+( €8,000*50%)= €1,500+€4,000=€5,500
  • If you generate 600 New Active Confirmed Registered Users and €120,000  eBay revenue, you will receive compensation of (€20*600)+(€120,000*65%)= €12,000+€78,000=€90,000

This new Payout structure will apply to all affiliates for the activity generated from the 1st of November onwards! Use this new compensation to increase your income during the holiday season!

*Winning Bid: An end user completes a bid or BIN that results in a successful transaction on and Content within 7 days after clicking your Link. ** ACRU: An end user (a) registers on the for the first time within 30 days of clicking on a Link (b) confirms his or her registration and (c) visits and Content and places a bid or BIN to purchase an item within 30 days of the original registration.