Halloween 2008, Top Sellers and NEW Banners

Hello and Welcome to the Halloween edition of the ePN blog

Fall colors, longer nights and that telltale chill in the air ... Halloween is just around the corner. As brick and mortar stores set up their creepy displays, eBay sellers are not to be outdone. Online shoppers can scare up a good deal on hordes of costumes, decorations, movies and more. By posting banner ads or links to Halloween related listings on eBay, affiliates are bound to drive a frightening amount of quality traffic ... while driving revenue for themselves. 

A few tips on hot costumes for 2008: With the releases of Iron Man and The Dark Knight, this is sure to be a big year for superheroes. Here are a few fun examples:

Iron Man

Little Batman

Big Batman

and even ... Batdog?

Look for super-pals Robin and Batgirl, or Joker the arch-villain, to ride the wave of publicity as well. Other kid favorites include Spider-man, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, the Star Wars characters, Power Rangers, Transformers, Hannah Montana and any of the Disney princesses.

Speaking of dogs, the choices for spooky pet gear are nearly limitless. Check out this dog skunk costume... Or this Men In Black outfit.

For the little pumpkins, high demand costumes include cherished cartoon buddies like Thomas the Tank Engine or Nemo, the ever-popular animal outfits, furry little monster getups, or even baby Princess Leia!

Affiliates can also post this top ten list of costumes and link to the relevant items:

1. Batman

2. Indiana Jones

3. Iron Man

4. Political & President Masks

5. Joker

6. Star Wars

7. Harry Potter

8. High School Musical

9. Pets Costumes

10. Tinker Bell

But while finding great costumes is half the fun, the other half is setting up the Halloween mood. eBay sellers offer a host of creepy decorations, from spider candles to outdoor graveyards, ghouls, skeletons and more.  Shoppers also will be scouting for scary movie faves like the prolific Halloween collection, or the lighter side for kids, including themed films featuring Dora, Sesame Street, or SpongeBob SquarePants. Try the following links to send shoppers through.  Just enter one of the urls into the Link Generator Custom URL field to create the code:  http://search.stores.ebay.com/partyfrenzycom_halloween-decorations_W0QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em57QQftsZ1QQsaselZ743805479QQsofpZ0


  Also check out our new Halloween Banners!  Click on the banners to get the code or go to the Creative Generator and select no for Geo-Target then eBay US Program to see all of the new banners, Happy Haunting!

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