New Custom Banner Widget is Now Available

We are excited to announce the launch of Custom Banner, a new tool that gives you a new way to incorporate live eBay listings directly onto your site.  Read on to learn more about what Custom Banner can do! Custom Banner is a customizable flash banner that displays real-time eBay listings based on your search criteria.  For those of you who are familiar with our existing creatives and widgets, think of Custom Banner as an enhancement to regular flash and static banner ads that don’t show specific, live eBay listings.  It also has several new features that give it an enhanced look and feel and, in some ways, more flexibility than Editor Kit. Custom banner allows you to choose from several pre-defined themes or design your own, then filter the search results based on keyword, category, and more.  It's branded with the "Right Now on eBay" logo and PayPal logos for listings that offer PayPal as a payment method.


  • Provides more flexibility than banner ads and Editor Kit – you can choose a standard banner ad size or specify the exact height and width you want
  • Simple to set up right from the eBay Partner Network interface
  • Enhanced look and feel – scrolling, Flash display, PayPal logo, and the ability to customize the color scheme
  • Extended search options – you can get listings based on keyword, category, price range, seller, and listing type

To use Custom Banner:

  • Go to the Tools tab in your ePN account and click on Widgets, then click on Custom Banner
  • Choose your ad size (standard or custom)
  • Select a pre-made theme or create your own
  • Enter your tracking information
  • Pick your search criteria
  • Copy and paste the code from the wizard to your site

It’s that easy to use, so what are you waiting for?  Note that Custom Banner is compatible with all eBay Partner Network country Programs.  Try it now on your sites, and tell us what you think! The eBay Partner Network Team