Boosts e-Commerce Revenues with the eBay Partner Network is an e-commerce website specifically built for the model train enthusiast. Started in the late nineties by Scott Griggs, a lifelong model train hobbyist and salesman, sells collectible and new model trains, as well as scenery and materials for model train tracks. sells inventory on its own website as well as on eBay, conducting about 4,000 total transactions per month. Since much of its inventory is sold on eBay, has incorporated links to its eBay inventory all over its website, encouraging visitors to check eBay as well as for the particular product they’re looking for.

In early 2007, became a member of the eBay Partner Network so that it could be paid for the visitors it was driving to eBay, whether a visitor bought a product or not. Since then, the company has seen an increase in revenues as a result. issues a monthly newsletter to its 20,000 regular customers, which is used to highlight new and collectible items for sale on its site, and drives people to eBay to check out the new inventory there.  The combination of its multi-channel sales strategy and eBay Partner Network participation has helped continue to grow steadily every year. The company recently won a Professional eBay Sellers’ Alliance (PeSA) contest for driving the most traffic to eBay, outpacing its competition by 2-3X! 

“Joining the eBay Partner Network has been very beneficial to our business,” said Scott Griggs, founder and CEO of “If our customers can’t find what they’re looking for on our site, we can provide a better experience for them by helping them find what they’re looking for on eBay. Even if they end up buying something completely different, we’ve helped that customer out and eBay rewards us for doing so.”