Value Based Pricing Starting November 1st for All Publishers

Hello, For all publishers who joined prior to August 1st, we want to remind you that the new Value Based Pricing structure for ACRUs begins November 1st (all publishers that joined after August 1st have already been on this system since August 1st).  This means that all ACRUs that are generated during the months to come will be placed on a payout tier according to the value of the new active eBay users you send. 

The purpose of this new pricing is to pay publishers based on the expected lifetime value of the new users they send to eBay.  We base this on the new user’s purchases and the level of activity on the site.  It’s simple really, the more a new user is worth to eBay, the more we can and will compensate the publisher who brought us that user.  This is a fundamental change we are making to help focus more on quality and performance rather than just quantity for new user referrals.

Over the last few months we have been uploading quality scores every two weeks into the Campaign Quality Report, which represent the value of your ACRUs.  You can find your quality scores, which are factored into your final payout tier, in the reports tab by selecting “Campaign Quality” from the drop down menu.  For those of you who have not yet gotten a chance to run the report – it’s easy to do following these steps:

  1. Log into your account and click on the Reports Tab
  2. Select Report Type: By Campaign Quality
  3. Period – (for example once 12/15 is uploaded it will reflect your November ACRU payout tier)
  4. Program: US
  5. Actions: ACRU

At the very top of the report, under “Total”, you will see the total overall quality score for all of your traffic.  This is the score that will be used to calculate your ACRU payout for the US program and will be applied to all the ACRUs in your account (i.e. the score is applied at a publisher level, not at a campaign level).  The tiers translate into ACRU payment as follows:

  • Very High = $50 / ACRU
  • High = $40 / ACRU
  • Medium = $28 / ACRU
  • Low = $10 / ACRU
  • Very Low = $1 / ACRU

Note that campaign level data is estimated and may not match the payout tier for your overall account.  This is because your account-level tier is calculated using historical and other account-level factors not applied to campaign-level data.  Here are a few other points to note:

  • It takes us a few days after the close of a period to calculate quality scores.   For example, scores for October will not be uploaded until November 10th
  • Quality score is not based on volume, ie. higher volume does not mean a higher quality score
  • We’ll continue to update these quality reports every two weeks with updated scores, and they will allow you to see performance over time

Also note is that your reports for a current month will show our best estimate of your ACRU tier will be based on your last month’s data.  For example if you run a report on Nov 16th of your month to date metrics, your ACRU earnings will be calculated using your October tier.  Final ACRU tiers for November will be finalized and calculated by December 10th.   

You can find more information about this report in the help user manual under Reports->Summary Reporting->By Campaign Quality.

Many affiliates will be generating more earnings per ACRU following this pricing change.  However, those affiliates with low or very low quality may wish to optimize their promotions to achieve a higher payout tier.  We have talked about some of these methods in the past:

Thank you for your work in driving traffic to eBay.  We remain committed to working with you to continue to strengthen and make you successful in the eBay Partner Network. 

The eBay Partner Network Team