Update from the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas

It’s been a very busy day for the eBay Partner Network team here at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas.  We’ve met loads of affiliates, both existing eBay publishers and potential recruits, and it’s been great to answer all their questions, hear some exciting new ideas about promoting eBay and put some names to faces. some of the EPN team at the Affiliate Summit

In between manning the booth, we’ve made time to attend some of the presentations that have been going on.  For those of you who haven’t made it to Vegas, the common theme of the sessions has been how affiliates can improve their sites and so increase their commissions.  Here’s a summary of some of today’s highlights:

The keynote speech was from Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library.  He focussed on how to build the brand equity of your site, so you keep people coming back to your site time and time again.  Paraphrased, his top tips were:

  • Ensure your site offers a valuable service.  For eBay affiliates this could range from a site that surfaces great deals to a site where you can read product reviews and research.
  • Don’t forget “Word of Mouth” marketing methods, such as social networking, videos and Twitter (which he interestingly described as word of mouth marketing on steroids!) as this creates a buzz around your site.
  • Don’t try to hide the fact that you’re monetizing your site using affiliate links - this will lead to your site being more trusted and a higher quality of traffic.  For eBay publishers, this means you should always inform your visitors that they will be redirected to eBay if they click on a link.

There was also an interesting session from Ola Edvardsson from Performancy about what really works in affiliate marketing:

  • Target products and offers that are in demand and that people already want to buy.  To help you do this, eBay has a few API calls to help you find the most popular search queries and product by category – see the Developer’s Program site for details.
  • Help your visitors to buy.  For example, provide testimonials and reviews and showcase only the most relevant listings.
  • Then help them buy even more by taking every advantage you can to cross sell and up sell your visitors so that they generate more sales.

We’ll be at the booth again tomorrow, so if you haven’t managed to catch up with us yet, please stop by for a chat, as we want to make sure that we’ve talked to as many of our affiliates as possible.