World of Good now available on the US Program

eBay has recently launched in the US.  This site facilitates business in very rural and poor areas of the world acting as a broker and requiring that ‘artisans’ receive equitable payment for their baskets, pottery, and wares. This site now works with the eBay Partner Network, so if you send traffic to using US program affiliate links, and that traffic converts or signs up, you will earn commissions.  We recommend that you use a different campaign IDs for your World of Good placement, so you can track performance.

An important note here is that selling fees are NOT waived or donated as they are with charitable auctions on our site.  This means that commissions earned through World of Good purchases should be roughly the same as on eBay.  These items are not like charity items, where the selling fees are often little or nothing.

You can use the link generator to develop links to send traffic to different areas of and there are also separate APIs for the World of Good website.