New Features Coming March 24th

The latest eBay Partner Network release is scheduled for March 24th and focuses on new features to enhance Security and provide New and Improved Tools! We are continuing to strengthen our Security features to help keep your private information guarded.  New and existing publishers will be prompted to select and answer 3 Security Questions when logging in to eBay Partner Network.  Then we will require that users correctly answer one of these security questions when accessing sensitive information in their accounts.  This new Security feature should help prevent unauthorized changes from being made to a user’s account.  We would also like to remind everyone to take the proper precautions to keep your information safe and follow these best practices.

Now to the more exciting stuff.

We know that the old process for creating RSS Feeds was not very smooth, so we made an investment to really improve the RSS Generator and streamline the create flow.  Publishers will now be able to select their campaign name or ID from a dropdown menu, select their search criteria, view a preview of the results, and create the RSS link – right from your eBay Partner Network account!

Here’s a screenshot of how the new RSS Generator will look:

The second feature is a brand new tool we’re making available.   Now publishers can request access to eBay Product Data Feeds!  Data Feeds allow you to download a large amount of eBay listing data and cache it in your own system. They're great for high-volume applications like shopping comparison sites, deals sites, loyalty programs, and large portals. If you are approved for access to the data feeds, caching eBay listings in your own database will allow you to scale your application up much more than you could by using the API alone. Combine one or more data feeds with API calls for even more possibilities!

Who should use Data Feeds?

Data Feeds are meant for anybody running a high-volume site — a site that can't work within the 1.5 million API calls per day limit. You should also have a strong programming background to successfully download the feed files, load them into your own database, and build an application that will take advantage of the large amount of data.

To submit a request to use Data Feeds please send us an email answering these questions:

  1. What is your ePN account username?
  2. What is your registered email address?
  3. What is your primary business model?
  4. What site do you plan to use for your Data Feeds integration project? Please include a URL. If you are integrating our feeds into an existing application, the URL should point us to a page with that application. If you have not built your application yet, please describe it.
  5. How many unique users do you expect to use your site/application per month?
  6. Are you already getting feeds from other advertisers?
  7. What is your eBay Developer's ID? (If you have one)

Once we approve your request, you’ll see a new Data Feeds icon under the Tools Tab in your account.

Here’s a screenshot of how this will look and the options available to select and download specified feeds:

Well that’s it for this release.  We hope you find these new features helpful and as always we welcome your feedback.


The eBay Partner Network