New Features Coming May 1st to eBay Partner Network

We’re excited to announce the newest feature and tool release for eBay Partner Network.  On May 1st we’ll be launching several new upgrades to the platform. New functionality for Link Generator Tool. With this update you will have more options for eBay search results links and the ability to link directly to an eBay store. ISBN, UPC, and MPN links will now also support alphanumeric MPN codes.  In addition, we’ve been conducting some landing page optimization tests on eBay to figure out which pages convert the best for which links.  Early results show this type of optimization could help improve conversions and therefore affiliate payouts.  Although landing page optimization functionality is not scheduled to be released until later this year, this updated Link Generator tool launched on May 1st will enable us to introduce automated landing page optimization as an option to affiliates when it is ready.

Note that these changes will not affect existing Link Generator links, only links created after 5/1.

Ability to link your account with your eBay Partner Network account. We want to make sure we’re doing the best job we can in communicating with you.  Linking your accounts will enable us to better advise and answer your questions.  In addition, we may do special eBay Partner Network promotions for eBay PowerSellers from time to time.  For new partners, in order to link your accounts, you will be prompted in the registration process to go to the eBay sign-in page and enter your eBay ID and password.  Upon completion you will then be taken back to the eBay Partner Network site.  Current partners should log-in to your eBay Partner Network account and go to the "Account Info" tab.  Once in the "Account Info" section, click "Link your user account?" to enter your eBay ID and password to successfully link your accounts.  For future reference, you will be able to access this information under the "Account Info" tab in the eBay Partner Network interface.

New way to calculate Earnings Per Click (EPC). There is an important change coming to the EPC data in your reporting on May 1st.  EPC (earnings per click) will be calculated as earnings per EACH (ONE) click versus earnings per 100 clicks.  We’re doing this in response to publisher feedback as it was causing some confusion in reporting.  YOUR EPC WILL THEREFORE LOOK LIKE IT HAS BEEN DIVIDED BY 100 VS WHAT YOU ARE USED TO.  Keep this in mind when reading through your reports going forward.

New business model descriptions. When you log-in to your eBay Partner Network account on May 1st you will be asked to update the business model description for your business.  All publishers must choose their business model(s) here, your old selections will not be carried through.  You will have the ability to select multiple business models if appropriate.  Please note that per our terms and conditions, some business models like downloadable software, incentives, and e-mail may require additional review by the eBay Partner Network team if not already specifically approved.

At eBay Partner Network, we are continually working to improve your experience and partnership with us.

Thank you for your continued support.

The eBay Partner Network Team