Welcome PartnerCentric!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve brought PartnerCentric, a leading internet marketing agency, on board to extend the support we provide to our affiliates in the U.S. The team at PartnerCentric will work closely with us to recruit new affiliates and work directly with more of our current affiliates to help make both you and eBay Partner Network even more successful.

This partnership builds on the successful relationship eBay Partner Network established with ROEye in the UK last year.  Affiliates in the UK have appreciated the increased direct interaction from ROEye and we’re looking to replicate that success with PartnerCentric in the US.

In addition, PartnerCentric will be helping us increase the number and frequency of posts on our blog – something we’re very excited about.  They will share their expertise to our affiliate community and bring on guest bloggers from time to time to talk about SEO, website design and optimization, and other topics of interest to affiliates to help you improve the quality of the traffic you drive to eBay.

Our new PartnerCentric team – Todd, Mike, and Amanda - each have over five years of experience helping e-commerce businesses manage affiliate programs, and they understand that success depends on building strong relationships with affiliates.

As we invest in eBay Partner Network and our affiliate programs, we’re continuing to build our internal team as well as working with great external companies to provide the best opportunity for success for both our affiliates and eBay.   Please join us in welcoming PartnerCentric to the extended eBay Partner Network team!

Best Regards, The eBay Partner Network Team