Why Affiliate Marketers Will Win Big in 2009 – and how they will do it

We think affiliate marketing is going to be big in 2009. In fact, we’re so passionate about affiliate marketing as an alternative or complement to traditional online advertising, we contributed an article on the subject to MediaPost’s Online Media Daily, which ran yesterday. In brief, here’s why we think 2009 is the year for affiliate marketing:

  • There’s a lot of money to be made by both advertisers and publishers. At a time when everyone is looking to squeeze out some ROI, affiliate marketing delivers.
  • The recession is driving more buyers online, as consumers not only attempt to save money by driving less, they spend more time researching trusted brands, reading reviews and comparison shopping.
  • The direct relationship between merchants and publishers and the flexibility affiliates have with their ads allow for better customer engagement.

Customer engagement is key. As more advertisers, networks and exchanges get into the online ad game, it gets tougher to cut through the clutter. Affiliate marketing gives publishers the power and flexibility to capture their readers’ attention while maintaining their trust.

We expect to see more companies putting their ad dollars into affiliate marketing over the coming years, especially as the industry learns how to further reward quality over quantity.

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