eBay Partner Network in Website Magazine

Hello Partners, Lately we’ve been on the road quite a bit, from ad:tech San Francisco to Amsterdam’s a4uexpo, working to spread the word about the positive changes in the eBay Partner Network. Along the way we had the good fortune of meeting Pete Presitpino, editor-in-chief of Website Magazine, who sat on a panel at ADSPACE with ePN’s Will Martin-Gill discussing alternatives to contextual ad programs. Pete last week posted a good article on the ePN. He did a nice job of covering our tools, providing details and insights on the links generator, the creatives generator and our widgets. We have provided these tools to help ePN publishers move away from basic banner ads toward more integrated content-based advertising, which adds value to the user experience and results in higher conversion rates. Many thanks to Pete and Website Magazine for highlighting the opportunities for our publishers!

The eBay Partner Network Team