Roll-out update and ACRU Quality Report in US

We wanted to give you a quick update on the roll-out of the new platform and call your attention to a small change in the date the ACRU quality scores get updated for the US program. Per a message you will receive in the interface when you log in today, one of the additional enhancements we are introducing into this release is to accelerate the timing of the calculation of the ACRU quality scores for the previous month from the 7th to the 1st of the month. You might therefore have seen your ACRU earnings updated today (May 1st) to reflect your account’s April performance. Note that the campaign quality report (which is more detailed and takes more time to calculate) will continue to be published on the 9th of the month. Also note that the methodology for calculating the scores has not changed, we have only moved up by a few days when this data is shown to publishers.

Category reports should now be available again for all publishers. We have identified an issue with the online reports date/time not being correct. We are working on a fix and should have this completed by tonight.

Finallly, as we stated in our e-mail yesterday, data will upload later in the day than usual for the next few days as we complete roll-out of the new system.

We will continue to keep you updated during this process.  Thank you for your patience.