$20,000 eBay US Daily Deal Bonus Program


  About the eBay Daily Deal Bonus Program

Take advantage of this great opportunity for a chance to win big money promoting the eBay Daily Deal through the eBay Partner Network. Not only will you be advertising some of the best deals available anywhere online and earning generous commissions on those sales, but now you’ll also have the potential to win one of nine $1,000 Weekly Bonus Prizes, the $1,000 Design Contest, and a $10,000 Bonus Sweepstakes Grand Prize!!! Click here to enter.

How to Enter and Become Eligible to Win You’ll want to complete the entry form and place eBay Daily Deal ads on your site as soon as possible. That will get you entered in the program, but to be eligible to win one of the nine $1,000 Weekly Bonus Prizes you’ll also need to generate at least one eBay Daily Deal sale during the week of the drawing. So, to be entered and eligible for the first week drawing you’ll need to register and generate at least one sale by 6/7/09. You will only need to register and generate at least one sale between 6/1 and 7/31 to be eligible for the $10,000 Grand Prize. However, the weekly drawings require that at least one Daily Deal sale is made in that particular week’s time range. Sales made in previous weeks will not carry over.

About the $1,000 Design Contest The Design Contest will award a $1,000 Bonus to 1 (one) publisher who creates the best all around eBay Daily Deal experience on their site. The criteria we’ll use to judge will be:

  1. URL name (eBay TM is not allowed in the domain)
  2. Creativeness of Daily Deal integration
  3. Overall brand messaging

Click here for official rules.

The ePN team will select the top 3 Finalists to be voted on by the eBay Partner Network Discussion Board Community to determine the winner. To be part of the community voting please visit our discussion board and find the Official eBay Partner Network Daily Deal Bonus Program thread to vote on your favorite design between August 5th and August 14th.

We are looking forward to seeing this eBay Daily Deal Bonus Program start bringing the heat this Summer to the already hot eBay Daily Deals!

Good Luck! The eBay Partner Network Team