Bienvenu to NetBooster!

Hi all, Following on from our post about investing in our affiliates, we’re very excited to announce that the European eBay Partner Network team has appointed NetBooster, a leading online marketing agency, to help support us in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. 

The team at NetBooster will work closely with us to recruit new affiliates and work directly with more of our current affiliates to help make our programs in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium even more successful.  They will work for us in a similar capacity to R.O.EYE in the UK and PartnerCentric in the US, where we’ve seen that affiliates really benefit from having more direct contact with us.

Introducing the team

Our new NetBooster team, Yann, Andres, and Susanna, are all experienced in managing affiliate programs in their local markets. 

Yann Michon

 Yann is based in Paris, speaks French and English, and if you talk to him about Depeche Mode, you will have a new friend!

Susanna Boggia

 Susanna is based in Milan, speaks Italian and English, and despite being Italian, Susanna likes to drink cappuccino not only for breakfast! And guess where she bought her 7 collectible cappuccino cups?

Andres Garcia

Andres is originally from Spain, though you will never see him dance The Macarena song, because he prefers Rock and Roll!   He now works in the Paris office and speaks Spanish, French and English. 

Please join us in welcoming NetBooster to the eBay Partner Network Team,

Chris, Julia, Mieke, Peter and Paolo (the European eBay Partner Network team)