eBay Partner Network Platform Updates Effective July 20th

Hello Partners, In addition to the policy updates that you have read about, we are also making a few updates to the eBay Partner Network Platform that we want to review with you.

Domain Validation In order to ensure the quality of traffic in our network, we’re going to continue to work with our partners to get greater transparency into where your traffic is being sent from.  Beginning July 20th, all new applicants to the eBay Partner Network will be required to validate at least one domain during the registration process (this is standard practice in other large international networks like affilinet and Tradedoubler).

To validate a domain, you will have to upload a text file with a unique identifier we give you to the base directory of the domain.  You can find more detailed instructions on how to do this in the e-mail you will receive when you register or in the help documentation.

Although existing publishers are not required to validate their domains, doing so is a good idea, as it will help us know which domains you are sending traffic from and serve as additional information helpful in conversations with customer service or confirming your identity if your account has been compromised, etc.

Dashboard Updates We are also making some updates to the dashboard that you will notice when you log-in to your eBay Partner Network account, based on feedback from some of our publishers:

•    The table on your Dashboard tab will now show stats "By Day" versus "By Program".   Thus, the table on your Dashboard tab will reflect the most recent 7 days of a Month to Date report.  Please note that the “Total” line will reflect the Month to Date totals (not just the sum of the seven days on the dashboard).  A link will be available to see the full Month to Date report.

•    We’re also  addressing an issue we’ve had when showing you EPC in the past.   Click information is updated in the interface typically every few hours.  However, transaction information is only posted once a day.  In order for the EPC we show you not to be distorted by this, when calculating the Month to Date EPC, going forward we will only use only the most recently posted transaction data and the corresponding click total for that time.  In other words, clicks for a given day won’t be included in the EPC calculation until the next day when the transaction information for those clicks is posted.

•    Finally, we heard feedback from publishers that they would like to save their preferences in the dashboard for what variables are graphed by default after logging in.   We are introducing this capability in our new release.  When you choose your two axes to graph from the pull-down menu under the graph, and then press “Go”, your preferences will be saved with your account and be the default next time you log into eBay Partner Network.

Special Business Models Until this new release, there was no one easy place to manage your requests and approvals for promotion through special business models.  Going forward, there will be a special business model approval console in eBay Partner Network.

If you have selected a special business model, you will be required to fill out a Special Business Model Form.  Special business models include Loyalty and Incentives, Downloadable Software, Electronic Communications and Other.  The Special Business Model Form will be available in your Account Information section when logged-in to your eBay Partner Network Account.

You will need to fill out a request for every different type of special business model promotion you plan to do.  The eBay Partner Network Team will review your form to determine your eligibility to promote eBay using these methods.  You will then see in the console whether the request was approved.  For more information, please refer to our help documents.

Click Filtering Since the launch of eBay Partner Network, we have filtered certain clicks generated by bots and other invalid activity.  These filters are calibrated to make sure that only valid clicks are included when you see your metrics and when we calculate certain variables like your EPC.  Invalid clicks are usually the result of automated or non-human activity that typically does not have any transactions associated with them.

We have been working with industry leaders to enhance our capabilities and further adopt industry best practices.  In the last two weeks of July, we will be launching some enhancements to our click filtering technology to include a larger list of known bots and improved detection of automated sources of clicks.   This will cause the click counts of some of our publishers that are impacted by invalid activity to drop, while others may not be affected.

As always, we thank you for your continued partnership in creating a high quality Network for all of our partners.

To your continued success,

The eBay Partner Network Team