New eBay Motors Widget Available

Hello Partners, We are excited to announce the release of a new eBay Motors widget!  You can now customize the color and title of the widget so that it can blend seamlessly with your site, creating the best user experience for your visitors.  The widget can be found here:

Here's a preview of the widget:

eBay Motors Widget

Although this widget is not currently in the eBay Partner Network interface, it is still 100% trackable, and all metrics related to the widget will be available in your ePN reporting.  Once you make your selections of what you would like the widget to display (shown above left), you will then be able to preview the widget.  The code for the widget you are previewing will be available in a text box below for you to copy and paste to your website.  What makes this widget trackable through the eBay Partner Network interface is your Campaign ID.  To find your default Campaign ID, or to create a new Campaign ID so that you can better track the performance of this widget, please follow these steps:

•    Log-in to your eBay Partner Network account •    Click on the "Campaigns" tab at the top of the page •    Here you can find your Default Campaign ID, or you can click the "Create Campaign" tab to create a new Campaign ID

Again, entering an accurate Campaign ID is what will ensure proper tracking of this widget, so please be sure to enter a valid Campaign ID that corresponds with your ePN account.

Please contact with any questions.

To your continued success,

Amanda eBay Partner Network Team