Next month's ACRU quality score estimate (US Program)

Hi everyone, Just wanted to tell you about a small change in the way we estimate next month’s ACRU quality scores in the US program.

As you know, on the first of every month we make a prediction of your coming month’s ACRU quality score.  That way when you log into the system, you can see your estimated ACRU earnings for the current month. This is just a prediction, and your actual ACRU tier and earnings aren’t confirmed until the beginning of the following month.

We have recently made enhancements to improve the accuracy of our predictions for your coming month’s score using your account history and the latest data for your account.  As a result, it should be more predictive of your actual score for the month.

Everything else about value-based ACRUs remains the same.  Just to clarify, here are the reports and timing you see every month:

  • 1st of each month, final quality scores for the previous month are uploaded.   Our methodology for doing this remains the same.  Reports you run for the previous month will have final accurate data for ACRU tiers as of the 1st.
  • 1st of the month, predictions are entered into the system for the coming month (we’ve improved the way we calculate this as described in this post).   You'll see these estimated ACRU tiers and estimated ACRU earnings like usual when you run a current month earnings report.
  • 10th and the 25th of the month - quality score campaign-level report are available to see the most recent quality data at a campaign level


The eBay partner Network Team