Introducing New Click Filters

Hi all, As we announced in our post on July 17th, we are improving our capabilities in click filtering.  Specifically, we introduced yesterday some additional click filters designed to better identify and remove clicks from a larger set of bots and eliminate more invalid clicks.  This will align eBay Partner Network’s click filters more closely to the industry standards recommended by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

As a result, you may have seen a drop in your clicks in the interface today.   The scale of this drop will vary by publisher; if your site is crawled regularly by bots, you may see a higher than average drop in clicks.  This did not affect sales and ACRUs.

The main benefit of this is that you will get far more accurate data when calculating metrics such as conversion and click through rates, which will allow you to better optimize your banners and widgets.

The eBay Partner Network team