Details of Quality Click Pricing Webinars

Hello Everyone, With the recent announcement of Quality Click Pricing this Wednesday, and the amount of new information we’ve made available on the site, we’re hosting a live webinar to provide a forum to further discuss the change to Quality Click Pricing and to hold a live question and answer session with our publishers.

If you’d like to join the webinar event here are the details to participate:

When: Friday August 21st at 9am Pacific Time Attendee Direct URL:   U.S. Attendee Phone:  US/Canada Dial-in #:  (866) 478-6394

Alternate Web Login Conference Site URL: Meeting ID:  Aug21 Attendee Entry Code: Attend      Int'l/Local Dial-In #:  (660) 422-4755 – Session will be in English only      Conference ID:  24785491

Also, if you are not able to make the event live we will offer a recording available next week for you to watch.  Plus, we are planning on holding a second webinar on September 1st to go into more specifics then.  We hope you’ll find this method of communication convenient and helpful.

Thanks and we look forward to speaking with you in the webinars!

eBay Partner Network Team