Four new programs opening on September 1st, including Germany

Hi all, From 1st September, we are opening four new affiliate programs on eBay Partner Network for the eBay sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland.  The payment model for these programs will be Quality Click Pricing

Germany is our biggest market outside the US, so promoting this site is a massive opportunity for you to increase your earnings.  We’re sure it will be well worth the effort to have your site translated and we encourage you to think about how you can adapt your campaigns for the German market.  To help you get started, we’ll be posting a “beginner’s guide to Germany” article on our blog in the next couple of weeks.  And if you set up a German campaign, don’t forget to also set up campaigns for Austria and Switzerland, as there is a lot of cross border trade between the three sites.

We’re also announcing that after 8 successful years, we will be closing down the eBay Germany, Austria and Switzerland programs on affilinet on 31st October and all publishers on these programs will be asked to migrate to eBay Partner Network, starting September 1st.  affilinet will continue to provide support for eBay’s in-house European affiliate team on recruitment and account management, in a similar capacity to Partner Centric, R.O.EYE and NetBooster in the rest of the world. 

Promoting the Irish site will be a great way to earn some extra commissions and it will be very simple to set up a new Irish campaign, especially if you already have an English language site.

Finally, a top tip when setting up your new campaigns for all four new programs is to remember to use our geo-targeting functionality.  This ensures users are directed to the most geographically relevant site, for example someone in Dublin will be automatically directed to the site, even if coming from a US site.

To join up to the programs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Ireland, please go to the Programs tab in the eBay Partner Network interface and click to apply.  However, if you are currently promoting eBay in Germany, Austria or Switzerland on the affilinet platform, please refer to your email dated 20th August about how to migrate to the eBay Partner Network.

The eBay Partner Network Team.