How to create an impression pixel

Hi all, Using impression pixels on your site is an easy and important practice. Tracking impressions will tell you how often you are showing eBay ads to your users. If you combine that data with the number of clicks, you can track the Click-through Rate (also called CTR) which will tell you how well you are matching the ads to your users' interests. In other words, tracking impressions will help you improve the quality of the traffic you send to eBay.

We have made it really easy for publisher to include impression pixels on their site. (See the blog post titled "How to check if a page already has an impression pixel" to see if you are already including impression pixels.) To create an impression pixel for any tool that doesn't already include one (Link Generator links created prior to May 1, 2009; RSS Feeds, Data Feeds, and API calls), just follow these steps:

1. Log into the eBay Partner Network interface 2. Click "Tools" on the top navigation bar 3. Look at the bottom right of the page for "Impression Pixel Generator" and click the link 4. Pick a Program 5. Pick a Campaign ID 6. Pick a Tool 7. Click "Generate" 8. Copy and paste the code into your web page

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