Quality Click Pricing Preview Report

Hello Partners, As previously mentioned in our Quality Click Pricing announcement, you now have access to a Quality Click Pricing Preview Report when logged in to your eBay Partner Network Account.  The Quality Click Pricing Preview Report will provide you with a preview of your Earnings per Click and earnings under the new Quality Click Pricing (QCP) payment structure. In this report, you will see your current earnings compared to what your earnings would be under the QCP payment structure at the campaign level. This will allow you time to understand how you would perform in the new pricing system and begin to optimize your campaigns. Please note, as stated in this earlier post, if you joined eBay Partner Network before September 1st, your actual earnings will continue to be based on your current payment structure until October 1st, 2009.

A link to the Quality Click Pricing Preview Report will be available in the “Useful Links” section of the Dashboard. You can also access it by clicking on the Reports tab and selecting “Quality Click Pricing Preview” as the Report Type. From there you can select the month and program report filters and click on the “Run Report” button to see a preview of your QCP earnings.  If you have a large number of campaigns or require additional sorting and filtering, we recommend downloading the report to a spreadsheet using the “Export All Data” functionality. Note that this report will only be available for your programs that are not already on the Quality Click Pricing payment structure. Once you are on the QCP payment structure, you can run a By Day or By Campaign report to see your EPCs and earnings.

The preview EPC and earnings will be made available daily for each of your campaigns that had activity on that day. Similar to your current reports, this is calculated for activity from the previous day.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • The report is available for one program and one month at a time.  As a reminder, the August report begins on August 18th
  • Here’s how to read the “Total” row:  Total QCP Earnings are the sum of all the earnings of all the campaigns and days in the report.  Total QCP EPC is simply your total QCP earnings divided by your total number of clicks
  • QCP is calculated for each campaign, for each day.   You will see that the QCP Earnings Per Click (EPC) multiplied by clicks will always result in the earnings for that campaign and day
  • A campaign will only appear as a row for a certain day if there were clicks, impressions, or earnings for that campaign and day
  • The small group of publishers staying on CPA will see all zeros for the QCP columns in the report.  Most publishers in this situation should already have been contacted by e-mail or will be contacted shortly
  • By default, the report will be sorted by day.  You can also sort the report by Campaign or any of the metrics in the report.  For more advanced sorting and filtering, you can also download the report into Excel

To your continued success,

The eBay Partner Network Team