Quality Click Pricing - Transition Details & Key Dates

Hi all, Here are all the important dates you need to know for Quality Click Pricing. 

From the last week in August: • Existing publishers will be able to view a report in the eBay Partner Network interface showing what earnings per click and total earnings will be under Quality Click Pricing.  When the reports are available, we will put up a blog post with more information about them.

From September 1st • All publishers that join eBay Partner Network after September 1st will be paid on the Quality Click Pricing payment model. • eBay Partner Network programs will open for eBay Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland.  Publishers will be paid under the Quality Click Pricing payment model for these programs.    Learn more

From October 1st • All existing publishers* (publishers that joined prior to September 1st, 2009) will move to the Quality Click Pricing model. 

Throughout the transition period, we will be monitoring the boards regularly to answer any questions that come up and we will regularly post related blog articles.

We recommend that you take the time from late August for existing publishers on October 1st to familiarize yourself with the new reports and take the opportunity to analyse the quality of existing campaigns.  During this period, you will be able to test out new approaches to see what impact they will have on your EPC, without it affecting your payout. 

The eBay Partner Network Team

*Note that cashback/loyalty sites will remain on the current pay per action model. Half.com is not changing to Quality Click pricing and will retain its pay per action pricing.