Beginner's Guide to Germany

Hi all, Today we have opened four new programs on eBay Partner Network and the biggest of those is for the German site,  We really want to encourage you to promote the German site, which is eBay’s biggest site outside the US, and so is a great opportunity for you to earn extra commissions.  To help you, we have created a Beginner’s Guide to Germany, with some interesting and fun facts (some more useful than others!) about the country and the site, as well as some top tips for running successful affiliate campaigns for eBay in Germany.  Finally, please remember that the German program will open on the Quality Click Pricing payment model.

10 facts about Germany

1. Germany’s population is over 82 million, the second biggest in Europe (after Russia) and the 14th biggest in the world, which means there are a lot of people out there to visit your affiliate site. 2. The official language is German.  This is an obvious one, but did you know that German is spoken by 105 million people across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so it’s definitely worth getting your sites translated. 3. The GDP in 2008 was €2.9 trillion, the 5th biggest in the world and its population have a very high standard of living, with a lot of disposable income to spend on sites like eBay.  4. Since 2002 the German currency has been the Euro and is the world’s second largest reserve currency, making cross border trade across Europe very easy, which is lucky as Germany is the world’s biggest exporter. 5. The capital city is Berlin, but unlike many European countries, there are many other big cities, 12 of which have a population over 500,000, so affiliate sites promoting local eBay listings could work very well here. 6. 55 million, approximately 67% of the population, are internet users and broadband penetration is very high.  7. It really is true that on many of the German Autobahnen (freeways), there is no speed limit. 8. Germans answer the phone with their last name, rather than saying hello or hi! 9. The average German consumes 30 kilos (yes, that’s a huge 67 pounds) of sausage per year - half an average German’s annual meat consumption.  You can even buy sausages on the eBay site! 10. Germans like beer so much that they even have an expression using it: “Das ist nicht mein Bier”, meaning "That is none of my business!"

5 facts about eBay in Germany*

1. is Germany’s number one e-commerce site, with 21 million unique visitors and over 14.5 million active members. 2. There are more than 30 million listings available on the site at any one time. 3. An average German eBay user spends over 2 hours a month on eBay – that’s a massive 12.6% of the total time they spend browsing the internet! 4. German business sellers traded over 3.1 billion Euros on between April 2008 and March 2009. 5. The German site was founded in 1999 and celebrated its 10th birthday this year. (*Nielsen/NetRatings, July 2009, home & work usage)

3 Top Tips for promoting eBay in Germany

1. Remember to use our geo-targeting functionality, so that the tool or creative will detect which country a visitor to your site is from and show them listings from the most appropriate eBay site.  This is especially important for sites in German, as many shoppers from Austria and Switzerland, as well as Germany, may visit the site. 2. Instead of Custom Banner, we have a tool called Relevance Ad in Germany and Austria, which you will find in the Tools section in the eBay Partner Network interface.  Like Custom Banner, it showcases live listings and there are various formats and templates that you can choose from to customise the widget’s look and feel.  There is also a contextual option, meaning the widget will show the listings most relevant to your site’s content. 3. In Germany, as in the US, UK and Australia, the eBay site offers daily fixed price offers on great value products, along with weekly auctions starting at 1 Euro, on the WOW! Angebote page.   There is also a dynamic creative coming soon, which is very similar to the one for the US, which will help you promote the deals.

If you’re interested in finding out anymore about the new DE program, the European eBay Partner Network team will be at DMEXCO in Colgone, Germany on 23rd and 24th September and we will have both English and German speakers present!  And if you have any tops tips of your own, please share them with others by commenting on this post.

Mit besten Grüßen

The European eBay Partner Network team