Customer Testimonial - Harmjan Heeling

Harmjan Heeling likes knowing that every click counts with Quality Click Pricing, eBay Partner Network’s new quality-based payment structure. Heeling operates several niche content sites promoting collectible items and vintage photography, averaging about 2,000 visitors and 3,000 clicks per day. While he belongs to a number of affiliate programs, Heeling says eBay Partner Network stands alone among them in its quest to reward affiliates for both quality and quantity.

Heeling started testing the Quality Click Pricing model on May 1.

“Immediately I saw an increase in revenue,” he says. The instant boost in earnings motivated Heeling to tweak both his paid search campaigns and his sites to drive the numbers higher. He gave them a nicer look and feel, with an eye to providing a better user experience.

For example, Heeling experimented with using fewer eBay ads on each of his sites. His sites looked cleaner and people had fewer ads to click on, but when they did click on the ads it was more likely that they really wanted to buy something on eBay. As a result, his clicks went down but the quality of his traffic went up. Heeling says that if you are going to do this, though, to make sure to tweak your product feeds because with fewer ads it’s more important to show the most relevant listings.

Another helpful change: Heeling improved his success measures by creating dozens of campaign IDs, providing detailed insight into the keywords that work and those that don’t. He can now accurately link eBay Partner Network revenue to AdWords campaigns.

In one instance, Heeling improved his ROI on a single campaign by more than 50% by refining his AdWords keyword phrases. Obviously he’s not sharing the exact keyword phrases, but he recommends testing 2- and 3-word phrases to see what works best. By linking specific keywords in the paid search campaign to his eBay Partner Network results, he can see what has worked best. Then, if the traffic from a campaign is underperforming, he can make adjustments or just delete the campaign. Under the previous CPA model, Heeling says big differences in commissions per item made quality measurement tricky, and he wound up sending thousands of visitors without compensation.

The new Quality Click Pricing reporting has helped Heeling stay on top of his sites as well as his paid search traffic, showing which parts are working well, and which might need some work.

“With the Quality Click Pricing system, I get paid for all my traffic, and that’s the way it should be!” he says.

With his focus on optimizing his sites and improving his user experience to send more qualified traffic to eBay, we hope he keeps the quality clicks coming.

To your continued success,

The eBay Partner Network Team