Updated: Link Accounts by October 1st to post on the board

Hello all, Starting October 1st, we will require that users have an active eBay Partner Network account in order to make posts to the eBay Partner Network discussion boards.  We’re making this change as a result of feedback from a number of publishers.  In people’s experience with other networks, limiting the boards to publishers in the network has been helpful in encouraging constructive and helpful conversations on the boards.  In addition, if specific issues or bugs are reported by publishers, we’ll be able to better follow up as appropriate by looking into specific accounts.

Linking your accounts is easy!  If you have not already done so, please link the eBay User ID you wish to post with to your eBay Partner Network Publisher Account.  From your Publisher Dashboard, click on Account, then choose Business Information.  You then scroll down to the link that says Link to eBay Account, and follow the directions.

Also, we now offer the functionality to create multiple users associated with a single publisher account.  You can create a new user by clicking on the Account Tab, selecting Users, then click Create New User.  This new feature also allows you to link an eBay User ID to each additional new user you create for an account.  Here are the instructions to link multiple eBay User IDs to a single account with multiple users:

From your Publisher Dashboard, click on the Account tab, then click on Personal Settings. You can then register your eBay User ID by clicking on the “Link to eBay Account” and signing in using the eBay User ID you want to use on the discussion boards. If you have already provided an eBay User ID in the Business Information section, then this eBay User ID will be automatically linked with the Super User on your account and it will be eligible for use on the discussion boards without any additional updates.

Thank you for being a part of the eBay Partner Network Community.


eBay Partner Network Team