Updated: Quality Click Pricing - FAQs

Update Since the Quality Click pricing announcement and the launch of the preview reports, we’ve been talking with our affiliates, whether that be at the webinars, on the discussion boards or in person. As we expected, there have been a lot of perceptive questions asked and so we have collated the most common and added answers to them to the FAQs. These include information on whether the category of an item or the type of link has an impact on the EPC and how to view the time between click and purchase. The new questions or those with additional info are marked.

Hi all,

We know you will all have a lot of questions about the launch of Quality Click Pricing, so we have prepared answers to some of the questions most frequently by our publishers who were on the beta.

QCP FAQs Updated

We hope that this document will answer your questions, but if you would still like some points clarifying, you can always contact our customer support team or visit our discussion boards, where we’ll be monitoring and replying to your comments regularly over the transition period.

The eBay Partner Network team