Dynamic Deals Banners now available in Germany and UK

Hi all, The Daily Deals program in the UK and the similar WOW! Angebote program in Germany have recently moved from featuring one deal a day to two and to celebrate this we now have creatives available for both of these countries in a number of different sizes.


Every day eBay.de and eBay.co.uk feature two items from some of the sites’ most trusted sellers.  The products featured are deeply discounted, offer free delivery and PayPal Buyer Protection.  There are only limited quantities of these fixed-price items, and at such great prices, combined with the great marketing that we’re seeing from our affiliates, they don’t tend to last too long!  Products offered are from a wide variety of categories including electronics, appliances, sporting goods, clothing and more. The deals are updated daily at 8 am local time.  For those affiliates already promoting these items, we have seen conversion rates on these items up to 5 times that of standard eBay listings, which shows how popular these items are.  You can take a look yourself at the fantastic deals being featured today at http://deals.ebay.de and http://deals.ebay.co.uk/.  You can also subscribe to the deals RSS feed in both the UK and Germany to stay on top of the items being promoted.

To showcase or promote the Daily Deals or WOW! Angebote, there are several ways to integrate them into your site, including dynamic flash banners and XML Data Feeds.  The Flash banners use JavaScript code and you’ll notice that the banner will rotate between the two deals.  They also have the European site look and feel, so they look slightly different from the US banners.  To find them, go to the Tools tab in the eBay Partner Network interface and select Creatives, then search by the tool id, which are shown in the table below.

Size UK Germany
160x600  707534771925570
728x90  707534771925573
300x250  707534771925571
120x600  710534811925561  707534771925569
468x60  707534771925572


The UK XML Data Feed can be found at  http://deals.ebay.co.uk/DailyDeals-im.xml and the German one at http://deals.ebay.de/DailyDeals-im.xml

Thanks for promoting the eBay Deals and maybe you can even pick up a bargain for yourself at the same time!

The European eBay Partner Network Team