Implement Geo-Targeting and be in with a chance to win $2,000!

Hi all, As we mentioned in a recent post, we highly recommend implementing geo-targeting as soon as possible.  Not only will geo-targeting result in higher revenue for you, it also gives customers a better eBay experience. Thus, geo-targeting is one of the fastest ways to improve the quality of your traffic.

Therefore, we’ll be giving out ten prizes of $2000 each to those publishers who adopt geo-targeting (either through our dedicated tools, or by using your own solution) and have the biggest increase in the percentage of their winning bid revenue coming from programs other than the US program between the month of September and the month of November.  The $2000 bonuses will be paid in the December payment run.

Who is eligible for the competition?  - Publishers accepted as partners of eBay Partner Network prior to September 1st, 2009. - Publishers who drove all their traffic (>99%) to the US program, as of September 1st, 2009. - Publishers with at least 150 USD in total earnings for the month of November (combined earnings from all programs).

To take part, register for this promotion by the end of the week (October 23rd) by sending an email with your publisher details to Please mention “geo-targeting promotion” in the subject line, and send us your website’s URL, and one of your campaign IDs OR your email address that you use for your eBay Partner Network account. Winners will be contacted for potential case studies.

The eBay Partner Network team